Why we celebrate Communion

The birth of Jesus is a very special event  because Jesus came from Heaven to show us the right way to live. He died willingly, taking the punishment for all the things we do and say that are wrong. he was raised to life again, defeating death and enabling us to be right with God.

As Christians we believe and accept in out hearts and minds that Jesus died and rose again for us personally. So we choose to live life His way so we can know peace and joy today, safe in the knowledge that we will be in Heaven when we die. 
Communion is our way of remembering what Jesus has done for us and saying 'Thank You'. 

So what actually happens?

For Communion at Church we are given a piece of bread  (gluten free is available so please ask ahead of time if you can!) which we eat when we are receive it. This is a reminder of how Jesus sacrificed himself for us on the cross. 
We are then given a small glass of red grape juice which we all drink together once we have all been served. This is to remind us of the blood that came from Jesus as he was sacrificed. 
We may also spend some time in reflection thinking about what Jesus did for us and praying.

When do you celebrate Communion?

At Mount Pleasant we celebrate Communion on the fourth Sunday of each month at morning Church - starting at 10.30am. We also have Communion on the second Sunday of each month in the evening, our service starts at 6.30pm.

What if I'm not a Christian yet?

If you haven't asked Jesus to be your Lord yet you are still welcome at Communion services, this is only a small part of the entire service. Just don't take the bread or juice when it's offered to you. This is quite normal and you won't look out of place.