Monday afternoon fellowship

A devotional meeting with a varied list of visiting speakers.

We meet at 2:30pm each week (except August and Bank Holidays) to explore the Bible and worship together, followed by a time to chat over tea and biscuits/cakes.

Everyone is welcome, although most members are over retirement age. People who are no longer able to attend are not forgotten. Visits, cards or a simple phone call ensure people are cared for and valued.

For many years we have financially supported the Francisco Rojas School in Peru. In 2016 the School celebrated its 24th year and is doing very well.

In 2014, Nora was chosen as "Godmother" to the group, a role which she is delighted to continue through 2015.

We are a warm, friendly bunch. Come and see!

For more information or to request a pastoral care visit, click here to contact Stephanie Muncherji at the church office.

Reflections from 2015

Monday Afternoon Fellowship continues to thrive. During 2015 two new people joined us and two people returned after time away. Our average number is 22 people each week.

The Fellowship has been blessed during the year, as many of the speakers were from the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church family.

We were invited to the Manse for afternoon tea in August, a real cream tea, and although is was a very rainy afternoon, the tea was enjoyed by all.

We ask for your prayers that we continue to grow and that our warmth and friendship will reach out to others.

The school in Peru to which the Fellowship have made small donations over the years is doing very well. One classroom has been named the "Nora Hartopp" classroom!

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