Men's lunches

Mens lunch 200pxOnce a month men have lunch together at the church and listen to an after-lunch speaker.

The programme for 2017 is below. It would be great to see you at one or more of the events ~ to help make sure we have enough food for everyone, please let either your church contact, Ivan Brown or Bryan Tarry know by the Sunday before the event that you're coming.

£5.00 per head for a great meal and an inspiring talk ~ fantastic value!

We look forward to seeing you.

 2017 dates  Time  Event  Speaker  Topic

 14th February

 12:00pm  Lunch  James Hornsby  Hey! Diddley dee

 14th March 

 7:00pm  Curry night  Rev Malcolm Deacon  Growing up in the 40's and 50's

 11th April 

 12:00pm  Lunch  Rev George Sarmezey  My Hungarian background

 13th June

 12:00pm  Lunch  Rev Peter Hancock  Tale of an itinerant

 8th August 

 12:00pm  Summer lunch

 10th October

 12:00pm  Lunch  Andrew Radd  Wantage Road - Memories

 14th November

 7:00pm  Curry and quiz night

 12th December

 12:00pm  Lunch  Andy Poole  Piano with friends














Reflections from 2015

We've been amazed by the commitment and hard work in running a steam rally. Gripped by David Chawner's experiences and overawed and enthralled bt Paul's expertise on the church organ as well as being interested and involvd in the experiences of a hospital chaplain. All this after consuming wonderful lunches and meeting like-minded people.

Sadly we had to cancel one of our famed curry evenings although the other one proved a great success. The "Garden Party", held once again at the Homestead Cottages proved a very pleasant time and the final event of the year produced not only a fabulous meal but rousing singing and interesting memories of Christmas past.

Sincere thanks are due to the team of lady chefs under the direction of Judy Boore, they never fail us and are much appreciated. Steve Merryshaw also continues to produce amazing curries and superb Christmas dinners for which we are more than grateful.

The Men;s Lunches are a great opportunity for Christian and not-yet-Christian men to meet and build friendships. For more information, click here to contact Stephanie Muncherji at the church office.

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