Homeless and vulnerable drop-in

A safe place where homeless and vulnerable people come for food, friendship and help.

Open on Thursday afternoons from 1:00pm to 3:00pm, the drop-in aims to help people by providing the following ...


We serve a basic hot meal, such as pasta, or a jacket potato and beans.  Once physical hunger has been met, it is much easier to talk with people!


Loneliness and rejection are commonly experienced by homeless and vulnerable people.  We aim to engage people in conversation, most importantly to listen as people share what is on their heart at that time.

Games are a good way of "breaking the ice" and the pool table is always busy.  Occasionally we have table top board games.


As a Christian organisation we are always open to talking with people about matters of faith and spirituality.  People often have very deep and searching questions regarding their circumstances and are keen to talk.  But please note - we will never "ram Christianity down people's throats".  Only where appropriate will we will offer to pray with people about specific issues.  If people don't want to talk about Christian things, they will still find a welcome and acceptance with us.

At 2:00pm we have a session where we chat about something in the Bible, or about how the Bible relates to the difficulties and issues encountered by our guests. And we offer to pray with people. These are valuable times, as those who participate in this session share with us some of the difficulties in their lives.


We have a computer suite available where people can:

  • write a CV
  • search and apply for jobs
  • search and apply for housing
  • research and resolve benefits queries

Volunteers are available who can help people use a computer and, where necessary, guide a person through the process they are trying to complete.  However, we do not give advise about benefits or anything outside of the Christian faith.

Of course, sometimes people want to use a computer just for social networking, which is fine.  But, we will always prioritise computer use towards those wanting to look for jobs, housing, or to resolve benefit queries.

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