Discovery Steps

Discovery stepsDiscovery Steps is a resource developed by Christians Against Poverty to help people discover more about the God who loves them very much.

The topics covered in the sessions (shown below) are real life issues that many people struggle with.

The aim of each session is to show you what God says about these issues, through His Word the Bible and for you to see that there is another way!

Each session includes:

  • A short story to set the scene;
  • Some provoking questions and reflections;
  • A look at what the Bible has to say about the topic;
  • A time where you can respond to what you've heard;
  • Light refreshments!

So, here are the session topics:

 Session 1



 Session 7

 What God forgives, He forgets

 Session 2


 Session 8

 How to pray

 Session 3



 Session 9

 Why read the Bible?

 Session 4

 Self Worth    Session 10  Why go to Church?

 Session 5

 What's life all about?    Session 11  Temptation

 Session 6

 Getting right with God    Session 12  Money

Sounds great! When's the next course?

We hope to run the next course towards the end of the year. If this is something you would like to come to, click here to contact our Outreach Worker Phil Brown and you will be kept updated on when the next course will start.

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