Vision, values and beliefs

Our vision

Helping people of all ages to become fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Our values


God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit is our first priority in worship, service, devotion, lifestyle and commitment.


We are dependent entirely upon God for all our resources, including spiritual gifts, income and leadership.

Service focused

We delight in serving our communities and each other willingly and enthusiastically as Christ serves us.


We share the good news of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible, in appropriate and relevant ways, to lead people to a faith expressed in daily living.


We are a community of people who love, care for, and value each other and those we meet as Christ welcomes us.

What we believe

We believe that God is real, that He created everything that exists, and that He loves every single one of us (and that means you!) We believe that he loves us so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to show us the way back to God, and to die a cruel death on a cross in order to take the punishment for all that we have done wrong.

We believe that any person who puts their faith in Jesus (any person who trusts in him, follows His teaching, and relies on Him alone) will have everlasting life, with God.

We believe that God inspired the Bible and that it is as relevant and meaningful to us today as it was when it was written.

We believe that God gives power to His followers to help them live Christian lives and to do the things that Jesus did when He walked the Earth.

The Church is a member of both the Baptist Union of Great Britain and the Evangelical Alliance, subscribes to the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith and agrees to the Faithworks Charter.

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